PAS (Publicly Available Specification)

At SCS we are more than just Health & Safety experts. With higher standards of workmanship being introduced each year & the every increasing ‘No win, No fee’ sue culture in the workplace, here are a few additional area’s we can help to increase your profits & reduce unnecessary headaches.

PAS (Publicly Available Speciification)

BS 10125 (formerly PAS 125)

The scheme is adopted industry wide by the most forward thinking body shops and accident repair centres who are committed to carrying out work only to the highest standards. Major automotive manufacturers have adopted it, and it’s recognized by many insurance companies.

PAS 80

Garages passing PAS 80 have fully agreed to comply with all respects of the industry’s agreed Kitemark® standard, which aims to ensure that motorists receive good service when they are looking to have their vehicles serviced or repaired, and are protected if anything goes wrong.

PAS 43

This is the Safe Working of Vehicle Breakdown & Recovery Operators put together between the UK Government, the Police Service, motoring services organisations and the motoring industry.

SCS Light Touch

This is Safety Consulting Services very own Management Manual which incorporates the important framework which exists in both ISO and PAS standards.  This simple but effective package enables multiple policies, procedures and other important documents to be bolted on. It has been designed to assist smaller garages in achieving a excellent standard of safe working without the higher costs associated with PAS.


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